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Adam Reed’s Archer: From Sealab to Sarcastic Secret Agent Man

Everything you love about Sealab 2021 or Frisky Dingo is back in expanded form in Archer, the new animated series that premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on FX. All the random asides. The blunt, offensive punch lines. The awkward silences. The stiff, jagged, minimalistic character animations from Radical Axis studios. The thing looks and …

Trailer for Transformers: War for Cybertron Just Blew My Mind

Truth be told, I was pleasantly surprised with Luxoflux’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, but now that I’ve seen High Moon’s War for Cybertron I feel ashamed for endorsing the title. Like, really ashamed. High Moon is best known for Darkwatch and Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Conspiracy. This trailer is not indicative of how the …

Rapture Check: G.I. Joe 2 Is Coming

Consider this your official Techland rapture alert. The antichrist has returned. He has taken over Hollywood. He has green-lit G.I. Joe 2. All hope is lost.

From the pages of Variety:

Paramount is bringing G.I. Joe back for a second tour of duty. The studio is moving forward with a sequel to last summer’s “G.I. Joe: The Rise of

But Wait: James Cameron Almost Saved Spidey 18 Years Ago

In 1992, James Cameron was at the helm of what would be the first Spider-Man film, but even the man who would go on to bring us behemoths Titanic and Avatar was no match for the Spidey curse.

Clashes with Marvel execs squished Cameron’s spider wish, but not before the director had put a good amount of work into the doomed flick. …

The Politics of Avatar: America Bad

Whatever qualms you may have with James Cameron, you’ve got to admit: He know how to work an emotional payoff. From Sigourney Weaver stomping some alien ass in Aliens to a dramatic underwater resuscitation in The Abyss, he knows how to get under your skin. Even when the surface story is a little obvious. (Techland exlusive: James Cameron

Who Knew Vader Could Dance?

Star Wars in France: I’d like to imagine this is what happened when George Lucas got stoned with Sonny and Cher, plus green screen access.

To me, there is nothing more pitifully adorable than bad homages caught on film, and this latest disaster to go semi-viral would certainly be up there on my list of them. The Star Wars franchise …

Comics on Our Pull List 1/13/10

It is the second week of new comics of 2010 and we are getting a break from the big events. Instead we are getting new installments of two of Marvels best series right now, Iron Man (#22) and Punisher Max (#3). Famous filmmaker and fellow Jersey native Kevin Smith continues his run on Batman Widening Gyre with issue #4. Darick Robertson, …

What A Tangled Web: Spider-Man 4 Killed. Raimi, Maguire Out

Has there ever been a superhero movie franchise as bizarre as Spider-Man?

When I saw the first film back in 2002, I thought it worked as a piece of pop fluff, but didn’t quite register on any of the emotional levels one would hope for from one of the most popular comic series in print. Then I almost refused to see Spider-Man 2 …

New Comics for 1/13/10

Wednesday is just around the corner boys and girls of the Panel and we here at the ‘Land are ready. Here is what’s hitting the shelves in a few days from publishers both big and small. We are getting a break from the big events this week, from both DC and Marvel, so maybe it’s time we all took a stroll through some of those titles we’ve …

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