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Retro Meets Mobile With Moshi Moshi Handsets

You’ll either love them or you won’t; there can be no middle ground. The $60 Moshi Moshi retro telephone handsets plug into your cell phone for slightly less cumbersome conversations and give your workspace a splash of nostalgic style, courtesy of French designer David Turpin.

Moshi Moshi Collection [NativeUnion.com]

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New Portal Stuff; New Halo Reach Trailer; Yay

There are signs of life from Aperture Science. Valve released on update for its incredibly compelling puzzle game Portal yesterday. This has set off a mad scramble through one of those weird augmented-reality scavenger hunts, starting with radios in the game releasing screechy audio transmissions, which were decodable into a series of …

Another Ridiculously Viral Video from OK Go

It may have cost them years of their lives, but I feel pretty confident that OK Go will once again ride the giant viral sandworm with this video. I think my personal favorite moment is the smashed TV at 3:39.

The making-of doc is below, in four parts:

Fun Rube Goldberg trivia: I once won an award from the New York …

The Techland Show: The iPhone Porn Episode

I was going to title this post The Techland Show: The Sell-out Traffic Whore episode. But wait — isn’t that every episode?

Apparently not. We’ve been instructed to “punch up” the show and give it more “viral” potential by organizing it into a list of the week’s top five topics. There — happy now? Isn’t this what you wanted? You did

How To Cobble Together a Portable Emulation System

I show you how to download and setup MESS, the “Multi Emulator Super System” with over 400 different system emulators, load up your favorite classic video games, and copy everything to a USB stick or memory card for use on just about any PC in the world. It’s pocketable nostalgia at it’s finest: easy, cheap, and plentiful.

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Kirsten Dunst’s Anime Fetish: What The Hell?

By now, you’ve probably seen this strange video of Kirsten Dunst running around Tokyo clad in a tutu and offensive Japanese stereotypes.

Yes, I’m sure Mary Jane lovin’, anime fantisizin’, middle aged men everywhere are having the best day of their lives, but please excuse me as I have a WTF? moment.

(More on Techland: Spider-Man,

Terminus: The District 9 Writer’s CGI Nightmare

The other day I read an interview with Terri Tatchell, the co-writer of District 9, in which she mentioned that she was thinking of adapting a short film for her next project. The film is called Terminus. It’s on YouTube.

At the time I thought to myself, is this a post? I flipped a mental coin. I missed the catch and the coin rolled …

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