12-Core Apple Mac Pro Now Available For Order

Not that the average Joe would ever need a 12-Core machine or need to spend $5,000 on one but Apple now makes one just in case.

Slipped into the Apple Store this morning, the latest Mac Pro is equipped with two 2.66GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon Westmere (32nm) processors with 6GB of memory and 1TB drive. And that’s just the base …

Papermaster Forced Out of Apple

Less than two years after leaving IBM to join Apple, Mark Papermaster has left his post as head of iPhone hardware. If you recall, IBM sued Papermaster in an attempt to keep him from joining Apple and divulging trade secrets, which was later settled after Papermaster testified in court that he partook in no such nonsense.

A source …

How Would Apple Position an 11.6-inch MacBook Air?

We’re going to have to connect some dots on this one, but let’s explore how Apple might go about selling an 11.6-inch version of its ultraportbale MacBook Air notebook.

For starters, an analyst named Keith Bachman reportedly said in a recent research report that Apple will be announcing two new MacBook Air models at its press …

Apple Shoves ‘Lite’ Apps into ‘Try Before You Buy’ Section

If you’ve made your way through the iPhone’s App Store, you’ve no doubt noticed several apps being sold for a certain price alongside a “lite” version of the same app. It’s more or less a feature-restricted version of the app meant to entice you to buy the full version.

There’s now a new section of the App Store called “Try Before You …

The Daily Dose

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Here’s what else is going on in nerd news around the web:

Shark Fact Of The Day:

Orcas are the only natural predator of the great white shark, but humans are the worst threat to this species, which has finally earned government protection in many of the areas in which this species is found.

Up Front:

New …

Apple Rumors Suggest New iPods, Smaller iPad, and More

Ah yes, more Apple rumors. About as dependable in frequency as they are undependable in accuracy, they must all be reported no matter what. This latest round comes from iLounge, who cites a “highly reliable source” while cautioning us to “take this report with the requisite grains of salt.” They do pretty good work over there at …

Apple’s Unannounced Lala Implementation Delayed

CNET is reporting that an unexpected video feature is currently holding up Apple’s rumored cloud-based iTunes rollout. What’s interesting about this story is that Apple hasn’t said a word about their acquisition of Lala and CNET is saying that its implementation is somehow delayed.

The article goes on to say that Apple’s had …

Sprint ‘Peel’ FCC Sighting Suggests 3G iPod Touch Case

Well this is interesting. Back in April, Sprint caused a bit of buzz by promoting an iPad case that converted a built-in superfast 4G data connection into a Wi-Fi signal for use with up to five devices. The idea was that you could plop your Wi-Fi iPad into the case and use Sprint’s connection for data on the go.

In reality, it was …

Apple Updates Safari Web Browser, Adds Extensions

Safari 5 is now available to download for Mac and PC. Apple’s latest iteration of its web browser brings with it a few new features; most notably, extensions. There’s also a new feature called Safari Reader, which pops news articles open in their own overlay while darkening the background of the rest of the page (see the image

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