Shots Fired: Sony CEO Calls the Nintendo 3DS a ‘Babysitting Tool’

Sony CEO Jack Tretton just bared his claws in a catty new interview with Fortune magazine. In the interview, Tretton had some particularly harsh words for Nintendo’s new ‘3d-without-glasses’ 3DS, calling it of all things a “babysitting tool.”

Here’s the quote:

Our view of the ‘Game Boy experience’ is that it’s a great babysitting

Microsoft Calls Google Antitrust, Google ‘Not Surprised’

Stop restricting YouTube, disrupting Windows Phones, blocking search boxes, and a bunch of other stuff–just a few of the complaints Microsoft’s leveling at web-search giant Google in an antitrust filing the company plans to put before European Union regulators.

Google’s response? “We’re not surprised that Microsoft has done this, …

Apple Sees First $100 Billion Profit In Its Future This Year

Earlier this month, analysts predict that Cupertino-based Apple would outpace IBM by 2013, and would eventually bring in over $200 billion in revenue. It might be really soon, but forecasters say Apple will hit its first $100 billion in revenue this year.

Due to demand in recent years, the company is expected to report the profit …

Microsoft Said to Offer Mobile Payment System Too

It’s clear that Microsoft doesn’t want to be left behind. Reports are saying that the company is jumping on the bandwagon, along with Google and Apple to develop a mobile payment system.

According to Bloomberg sources, the first Windows 7 phones to sport the new devices would be released later this year. It’s an effort to close …

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