Has Your BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Been Recalled?

Research In Motion has recalled a little over 900 of its new-ish 7-inch PlayBook tablets, citing a quirky installation of the operating system “that may result in the devices being unable to properly load software upon initial set-up,” as reported by

If yours is one of the unlucky handful of tablets then you may want

Amazon CEO Teases Tablet Plans

Jeff Bezos is toying with our emotions.

Speaking to Consumer Reports, the Amazon Chief Executive delicately suggested that there’s a tablet in the works. “Stay tuned,” Bezos said when asked directly whether Amazon is making a tablet.

But don’t call it a Kindle killer. Should Amazon launch a tablet, Bezos said, it would be …

ViewSonic ViewPad 7x Starts the 7-Inch Honeycomb Tablet Party

Time for a confession: After more than a year of owning an iPad, I’ve started to look at 10-inch tablets with a bit of disdain. Sure, they’re great for video, and they allow for innovative big-screen apps, but they can be uncomfortable to hold and a pain to type on.

So in my endless search for a 7-inch alternative, ViewSonic’s …

Acer: Netbooks Will Survive! Tablets: LOL!

Well this is kind of awkward. In an interview published on Forbes’ blog yesterday, Eric Ackerson, a senior product marketing and brand manager at Acer, said that “the death of netbooks is overstated,” in regard to the proliferation of tablets like the iPad. His reasoning is simple: tablets are expensive, netbooks are not.

The article …

10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook? No Thank You

In a rare case where I hope the rumor proves false, Research in Motion may be planning a 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

According to Boy Genius Report, the 10-inch PlayBook would debut this holiday season. The original PlayBook, a 7-inch tablet, launched last month.

Here’s the problem: The existing 7-inch PlayBook needs a lot …

Can Nokia Build a Compelling Tablet? (Spoiler: Yes)

Nokia is building a tablet, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. But don’t expect this tablet to be another me-too tablet. It’ll be different!

That’s what they all say, right?

When asked about his company’s tablet plans on a Finnish news show, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop said the following:

“We have a number of options in the tablet

Touch Screen Tech to Make Gadgets Thinner, Including iPhone 6?

Just when you thought touch screen smartphones and tablets couldn’t get any thinner, a new development has paved the way for slimmer gadgets — possibly even the iPhone 6.

Toshiba and Sharp are both developing a touch screen technology called low-temperature poly-silicon TFT LCD. Instead of putting sensors and signal processors on a …

Sony Announces Two Android Tablets, Including a Dual-Screen Device

Hot on the heels of Lenovo’s leaked Honeycomb tablet, Sony has announced two versions of their own. The S1 and S2 don’t look all of those other tablets rolling off the assembly machine these days – the S2 even has a dual screen.

The S1 follows the traditional slate form factor with a 9.4-inch screen. CrunchGear expects the …

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