Lenovo May Unveil a 23-inch Tablet This Year (Not a Typo)

I’d actually like to see this. So would Harry, I’m sure.

Lenovo seems dead serious on bringing a 23-inch tablet to market this year. It’d apparently be portable in the sense that you’d move it around the house with you but beyond that, it’d only serve to fetch you weird looks on the bus if you actually left the house with it.

A …

Can Intel Buck Moore’s Law with Its New Mobile Processors?

My first job ever was at Best Buy. I applied when I was 14 and was turned down for being too young. I reapplied at 15, was almost hired, and then got turned down when they asked to see my non-existent driver’s license. I reapplied on my 16th birthday and was finally hired. Nerd alert.

In the two years between when I first applied and …

Chrome OS Coming to Tablets, As It Should

Chrome OS notebooks won’t arrive until later this year, but Google is already planning for tablets.

CNet’s Stephen Shankland found lots of tablet evidence among the Chrome OS source code, including a virtual keyboard and touch-optimized tabs. Google then confirmed that it’s “engaging in early open-source work for the tablet form …

Here Come the Cheap Android Tablets

Apple stunned tech pundits in January 2010, when it announced the iPad for a $499 base price. The company known for premium products was selling its cutting-edge tablet for near-netbook prices.

More than a year later, the competition is about to give Apple a run for its money. Three upcoming tablets — Acer’s Iconia A100, Asus’ Eee …

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