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Monday, June 14, 2010

Here’s what else is going on in nerd news around the Web:

Up Front:

“That’s A Wrap!” – Filming Of The Harry Potter Series At An End [via Slash Film]


ESPN Comes To Xbox 360 Game Console [via LA Times]
New Castlemania Game Confirmed, Will Be A Part Of XBLA’s Summer Of Arcade [via Kotaku]
E3 2010: Dead Space 2

E310: Ubisoft Press Conference Liveblog

Evan and I are on the ground at Ubisoft’s E3 press conference in LA. The show doesn’t start until 5PM PT but we already know about two upcoming titles thanks to a Teleprompter glitch – Child of Eden and Michael Jackson. Stay tuned.

[timecom-liveblog id1=1 id2=7 id3=3 id4=8 id5=7 height=1000]

E310: Electronic Arts Press Conference Highlights

Video game giant Electronic Arts took the stage at E3 to announce a bevy of upcoming titles. Here’s a look at some of the highlights.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

Criterion games will “take the game back to its roots” with Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit “for a connected generation.” You play through a full career as a …

E3 2010: What We’re Looking Forward To

One of our Techland colleagues who shall not be named asked, “Is it bad that I don’t know what E3 is?”


Well, not really. But, it does make Peter and I a bit sad. So, if there’s anyone else out there who needs a quick primer, then you should know that E3 stands for the Electronic Entertainment Expo. For about 15 years, …

E3 2010: Microsoft’s Project Natal Renamed And So Much More

At a fancy pre-E3 kickoff event, Microsoft officially unveiled Project Natal as Kinect with the help of Cirque Du Soleil. They not only renamed their controller free motion control system but they also revealed a catalog of titles that will launch with Kinect. The aptly named Video Chat feature was also shown off tonight that allows you …

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Here’s what else is going on in nerd news around the web:

Up Front:

The World Cup In 3D: Right Idea, Wrong Sport? [via TIME]


iPhone 4 At Walmart June 24 [via CNET]
Awaiting Holiday’s Electronics (And Sales) [via NYT]
Seriously? Massachusetts Students Forced To Buy Mac Laptops With Their Own Money …

PlayStation Move: You Think You Know

By Evan Narcisse and Peter Ha

FOSTER CITY – For every generation of video game hardware, one particular console manages to infiltrate the public consciousness and become the shorthand for an entire industry. In the 80s and early 90s it was Nintendo. In 1994, Sony roared onto the scene with the PlayStation and then again in 2000 …

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