Top 10 Hottest iPhone Games Right Now

The collective Hive Mind at Techland has compiled a list of the 10 hottest games available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. A sprinkling of classics to just released games made the cut and we’re sure you’ll like them just as much as we do. Have any you’d like to add? Sound off in comments.

Panel of the Week 4/14/10

It’s that time true believers. The afterglow of Wednesday is fading and we’re all left with a sordid pile of geekery to be filed meticulously in long boxes or simply thrown on the ‘pile’. But before that, here is your Panel of the Week for just one last look into the wonderful and the strange.

Flash #1 Brightest Day
I really hate …

Two Minute Video: Sexy iPad Or Cute Netbook? The Debate In Dating Terms

Now that the initial iPad hysteria has subsided somewhat, you, the level-headed, analytical consumer that you are, may wonder whether you should buy an iPad or spend that money on a nice netbook. The technical debate has been ongoing for quite some time—netbooks are cheaper and more powerful, while the iPad is lighter and more fun with …

Toshiba Prepping Windows 7 And Android Tablets

Everybody, please welcome Toshiba to the tablet party. The company is currently developing a few different slate designs and will offer some with Windows 7 and some with Android.

Toshiba America’s Jeff Barney said the devices will launch this year, although a firm timeframe hasn’t been established yet. Aside from a standard 10-inch

The Daily Dose

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Here’s what else is going on in nerd news around the Web:

Studio ensures audiences that Captain America will indeed get some: British actress Hayley Atwell has been chosen to play Peggy Carter, the apple of Captain America/Steve Rogers eye opposite Chris Evans.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

Tweet of …

Star Wars Uncut: A New Hope Trailer

What a strange amalgamation of over 400 15-second user generated clips. I’m sort of speechless.

The first public screening of Star Wars Uncut: A New Hope will take place in Copenhagen at CPH:PIX on the 19th of this month with screenings in NYC to follow.

Find the rest of the Uncut shenanigans over at Star Wars Uncut.

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