Origins: Guillermo del Toro

The Hobbit director talks to TIME contributing nerd Gilbert Cruz about his creative influences.

Guillermo del Toro might be one of Hollywood’s ultimate horror film nerds. In a semi-homage to Forrest J. Ackerman (the godfather of all things genre), the director of Pan’s Labyrinth, Blade II, and the Hellboy films purchased a second …

Nokia N900 Now Available in the US

Nokia’s Linux-based Maemo N900 is available starting today in the US. It’s not a bad offering considering it comes with 32GB of memory, a 3.5-inch touchscreen and full QWERTY keyboard. The Carl Zeiss 5-megapixel camera is nothing to scoff at either. Too bad it costs $650.

Nokia N900

Rumor Confirmed? Google Phone Coming in ’10?

TechCrunch is reporting that Google will be releasing their very own Google Phone sometime in early 2010. It was originally slated for this upcoming holiday season, but for whatever reason it isn’t. According to TC, current Android developers at Google are testing HTC’s upcoming Dragon device, which will be the Taiwan-based …

App Club: The Tiny Perfection That Is Canabalt

I could play Canabalt forever. Or I could if I didn’t suck at it.

Canabalt is a good example of why I’m loving the iPhone gaming renaissance so much. The iPhone has severely constrained resources, but game developers thrive on restraint. It’s good for themn. Look at Defender. What was that, like 20K? But it’s a tiny, complete, living …

Forget the Beatles. The Rock Band Network Wants You

Ben Trokan sounds a bit mystified as he talks about the first few times he played Rock Band. “I was terrible at it,” he says with a laugh. “And I can actually play all those instruments too — even the drums!” Trokan is the lead singer of Robbers on High Street, a New York City-based indie band that’s about to record its third album. But …

Palm Pixi Review: Not Bad, Far From Great

It’s been a good year for Palm. There’s no doubt about that. Given the fact that everyone and anyone thought Palm would be dead in the water after the lackluster year they had in 2008. The majority of the media present at Palm’s CES press conference this year walked away amazed by what they had seen. I tend to hate on everything …

Casio EX-G1: Like a G-Shock, But Not

We’re either getting really clumsy or adventurous.

From the makers of the G-Shock line of watches and ruggedized G’zOne mobile phones comes a rough and tumble digital camera dubbed Exilim G EX-G1. By the looks of it, I doubt I’d ever put in my pocket for fear of severing a major artery in an area I hold near and dear to my …

Bask In The Glory of BioShock 2’s Box Art

Titillating, isn’t it? What more could you ask for? Lev would have wanted to see some Big Sister on Big Sister action, which I would have loved too but a Big Daddy and Little Sister are neat-o enough for me. What do you folks think?

Oh, if you missed our preview of ‘BioShock 2’ then check this out.

Behind the Scenes: The Names That Almost Were

So we heard a little grumbling after we unveiled the new name for this site. You know, the name that wasn’t Nerd World. Some of that grumbling may even have been coming out of my mouth.

But naming a website is harder than it looks. We couldn’t get Nerd World. And when you’re attached by a hideous Giger-like umbilical cord to a …

Twilight New Moon: The Cast Interviews

Did you sense it – the euphoria of a billion tweens that clogged the tubes of the intrawebs Monday night? As Twitter ground to a halt during the film’s west coast red carpet premiere, it became abundantly clear: “New Moon” is going to be big this weekend. Some are talking $80 million big. Yes, we’re aware.

In fact, we were aware of …

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