AT&T Announces BlackBerry 8520, 9700 Availability

AT&T has announced the upcoming availability of the BlackBerry Curve 8520. It’s a no frills, low-end BlackBerry with a 512 MHz processor, 2-megapixel camera, optical trackpad, Wi-Fi and 256MB of built-in memory. Available in the coming weeks, the 3G BlackBerry Curve 8520 will retail for $99.99 after a MIR and 2-year contract.

On a …

Welcome to TECHLAND

Welcome to TECHLAND. If you’re joining us from our previous perch over at Lev’s Nerd World blog then expect to see a lot of the same thing, but on a much larger scale. I know. It’s different, unfamiliar and somewhat frightening. We’re creatures of comfort and steer clear of change if we can help it but this is something different …

New Comics for 11/18/09

Every Monday TECHLAND will put out a list of all the new comics coming out on Wednesday. Check back later in the week to see what titles we’re excited about and which ones lived up to the hype. For now though here are all the new issues that are hitting shelves this week from the big two down to the up and comers.

The Princess Is In Another Freakin’ Castle?

Last month, I had one burning question for Mario Bros. creator, Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto. I asked him why Princess Peach isn’t a playable character in the new Mario game, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, which was just released yesterday.

He said:

Well, originally I thought it would be nice to have Princess Peach in there as a playable

Marvel: The Heroic Age

Thanks to Marvel, TECHLAND has an exclusive teaser for the upcoming Heroic Age story arc in the Marvel Universe.

Witness the Marvel Universe triumph over its greatest challenges ever as the HEROIC AGE ignites! Still lurking in the shadows are forces of evil and cosmic-level threats, but a new spirit of hope, courage, and the

Exclusive Launch Trailer, Screenshots for Tony Hawk: RIDE

Tony Hawk has become a staple in the gaming industry over the years and Tony Hawk: RIDE marks the 10th iteration of the Birdman’s signature video game. TECHLAND has obtained exclusive screenshots, trailer and packaging art for RIDE, which launches on 11/17.

We’ll be interviewing Tony later on today, so look for that video …

Sneak Peek at Irredeemable #8

Thanks to BOOM! Studios, TECHLAND has an exclusive preview of Mark Waid’s Irredeemable #8.

Written by Mark Waid
Drawn by Peter Krause
SC, 24 pgs, FC, SRP: $3.99
COVER A: Gene Ha
COVER B: Dan Panosian

Casualties are in the millions. Panic has swept through the world. And the Paradigm have learned that in order to stop Plutonian

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