harry potter

Harry Potter Books to Get Digital Release Soon?

It’s taken…well, far too many years, actually, but Harry Potter might finally be getting around to entering the 21st century. The Scotsman newspaper reports that after years ignoring the format, JK Rowling is considering e-book versions of all seven installments of the series that made her name. The newspaper quotes Liz Thomson, editor …

Warner Bros Adds Five More Movies to Facebook

With The Dark Knight‘s Facebook trial being deemed a success, Warner Bros have released five more movies to stream from the social network, and this time they’re going outside of the nerd demographic. As originally announced, Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan’s Inception is now available to stream on the movie’s official Facebook …

10 Fictional Schools To Send Your Children To – To Die

School! It’s where you send your kids when you’ve realized that you don’t love them enough to keep them around all day. But if fiction is to be believed, schools are also magical and exciting places where children learn more than just the basics of geography or math. But with so many schools to choose from, which one offers the most …

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