Panel of the Week

Panel of the Week 5/5/10

Welcome back to the Panel of the Week! We’ve got broken timelines, broken coffins, and broken shields. Not to mention occult Mexican wrestlers and pouty thunder gods. In short, we’ve got the emotional spectrum covered, behold!

Astonishing Spider-Man Wolverine #1
This is the opening shot for Marvel’s Heroic Age? We’ll get into this …

Panel of the Week 4/28/10

Yeah, we’re a bit heavy on Marvel this week. I try to spread the love around a little better than this. There was a big death, a new armor reveal, and Balder finally found his Norn Stones if you follow. All this and more in this edition of Panel of the Week.

Thor #609
Talk about promoting weak middle management. When Thor’s brother …

Panel of the Week 4/21/10

It was a week for the throwback. Rereleased books, classic writers, and relaunched franchises were the order of the Wednesday. Today we examine forbidden love, father-son day, destined spears, and vampires of the new world, all here on Panel of the Week.

Magdalena #1
I was pleasantly surprised by this relaunch of Magdalena. I was …

Panel of the Week 4/14/10

It’s that time true believers. The afterglow of Wednesday is fading and we’re all left with a sordid pile of geekery to be filed meticulously in long boxes or simply thrown on the ‘pile’. But before that, here is your Panel of the Week for just one last look into the wonderful and the strange.

Flash #1 Brightest Day
I really hate …

Panel of the Week 4/7/10

What a great week. Expensive week, but great. SHIELD, Turf, even the Invincible Returns catch-up issue was much better than I anticipated. The big bright shining star was easily SHIELD, and for good reason, but the art all over the rack was superior. I clipped out a few for you, so here it is, your Panel of the Week.

S.H.I.E.L.D. …

Panel of the Week 3/31/10

I’m not sure why I think video game comics are going to be good. I keep trying (Gears of War, Metal Gear, Street Fighter, Halo) and I keep getting burned. This week God of War and Dragon Age were both forgettable as well. What franchises out there might make a good comic? Final Fantasy seems like a good candidate, no? Assassin’s Creed? …

Panel of the Week 3/24/10

Well, Blackest Siege continued the holding pattern while we wait for the last chapters of the main books to come out. Nemesis crashed a plane into Washington DC. I guess that’s cool now? Nightcrawler throws away a promising career in the circus. Just tosses it away. But, at least we got to see Taskmaster get double teamed. All that and …

Panel of the Week 3/17/10

It’s giant, towering Egyptian gods. It’s long events that are nearly finished. It’s Girl-verines. It’s old timey vamps. It’s Panel of the Week!

Vengeance of the Moon Knight #6
My relationship with Moon Knight is dysfunctional. Whenever I buy a Moon Knight comic I feel guilty. Like my friends and family are looking at me with …

Panel of the Week 3/10/10

I really could have gone with five panels from PunisherMax or Batman and Robin or Batgirl this week but it was just the same old awesomeness from a month ago. Let’s get into some new stuff. Some talkin’ rhinos and cyborg zombie killers, shall we? It’s time for Panel of the Week!

Elephantmen #24
I’ll admit it, I’m late to the …

Panel of the Week 3/3/10

Today in Panel of the Week we face down the devil with Thor, we crack wise in a green fedora, and we crash through the jungle with our robotic stomping feet. After that it’s time for murders and executions followed by a visit with the karate choppingest magician around.

New Ultimates #1
Oh, Thor. Have you ever seen a more ‘just …

Panel of the Week 2/24/10

It was a week of highs and lows for me. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the titles I took a chance on this week. Blackest Night came back strong after its hiatus but the three Siege titles that dropped were lackluster. Read on to see what action is in the Panel of the Week.

Batman and Robin #9
At this point I have to admit …

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