Coming Soon to Your Digital Camera: the FluCard?

Naming new tech products is hard.

For every inspired choice (Apple’s iPod), there’s usually one that’s bizarre (Tivoli Audio’s iYiYi), off-putting (DigiScents’ iSmell) or just plain incomprehensible (Samsung’s LA46A850S1F).

Henn Tan, the Trek 2000 CEO who trademarked the “ThumbDrive” name for those ubiquitous USB …

Ultimate Air Jaws: The Amazing New Technology Of Shark Week

In 2000, producer Jeff Kurr traveled to South Africa hoping to be the first to capture the incredible hunting techniques of the great white sharks that inhabit the coast. To feed on seals, the sharks have the self-taught ability to breach the water’s surface. Going airborne, the 2000-pound hunters grab their prey while lifting their …

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