A Crazy Ending Where Something Happens

This may be the blog turf of Time TV critic James Ponzionsoinzweik, but I had to bring it up. ABC’s Life on Mars just aired its series finale. And when my friend’s mom told him what the show’s twist ending was, and he told me, I had to see it for myself. Now, I never watched the American version of the program, but I would argue …

Dollhouse, Episode 6: A Viewer’s Notes

I finally got to watch Friday night’s Dollhouse yesterday. It’s currently the only episodic television I follow, and I’m a little at a loss to explain its hold over me. But that’s not stopping me from having opinions about it! To wit:

— Obviously, there’s a lot of sex stuff implicit in the whole Dollhouse premise. I’m starting to …

Guest Blogger: The Simpsons’ Tim Long

Hi! I’m Tim Long, a colleague of Matt Selman’s on The Simpsons writing staff. I’m subbing for Matt today while he works on next week’s blog post, an elaborate parody of X-Men Origins – Wolverine entitled, Breakfast Men Origins – Chocula.

My subject today is this:

“I can’t deny that I’m a nerd” – Katie …

Colbert’s Inner Dork

Stephen Colbert interviewed Neil Gaiman today on The Colbert Report. It seemed that Colbert was having a hard time maintaining his narcissistic pundit persona, as the fanboy within was striving to break free.

The real Stephen Colbert is known for his love of fantasy. And tonight, as he recited his lovingly-memorized Tom Bombadil …

Now In Paper-Vision: The Future of Books. And TV.

I wrote two articles for Time this week. Two. Because that’s how I roll. I roll prolific.

Article #1: A piece about the great switchover to digital TV — the “analog sunset,” if you will — which is supposed to happen on February 17. Except now, maybe not. My advanced polling techniques suggest to me that this event will not affect …

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