The Weekend in Nerd Cinema

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Featuring two movies I’m definitely going to see five years from now when they’re being rerun on basic cable for the 90th time.

Ghost Rider, starring Nicolas “I Probably Could Have Been Iron Man” Cage as a dude who turns into a dude with a burning skull for a head, who rides a motorcycle, which is also burning. It’s currently rocking a 29% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Hey, wait a minute — this is from that guy who made Daredevil. When did they let him out of movie jail?

Bridge to Terabithia, which as discussed has nothing to do with the Narnian island of Terabinthia, though I always find myself listening for that missing ‘n.’ Instead it’s about two kids who stumble into a hidden fantasyland. See the difference there? Actually, it’s mostly about the relationship between two alienated kids, and critics seem to be pretty impressed. But it’s probably two young-adult and heartwarming for my cold, blackened, bitter heart.

Maybe I’ll stay home and watch lightbulbs burn out instead (scroll down for a non-color-adjusted version of this rather striking image).