More things I want

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Sonos, which is one of my most favoritist companies ever, just announced a new thing. And I want it.

I’ve been using Sonos ZonePlayers for about five years now as a way to stream music into various rooms of my house. You buy a ZonePlayer, connect it to your cable modem (and a network-attached storage device, if you have music on one) and you’re good to go. Connect other ZPs to other rooms of the house, and use your iPhone (plus free Sonos app) to control the system. Rounding out my “music solution” is my Rhapsody subscription, which I get via Sonos (you can also get Napster,, a gazillion free Internet radio stations and Pandora, among other services. Note: It will not play DRM-protected iTunes music if you’re still buying that stuff.)

The only downside, aside from the expense of setting up the system, was the ZPs either needed to be plugged into external speakers.

Today Sonos announced that by the end of October, it would be selling the new “S5,” which is an all in one unit—kind of like a boom box. (See video of it here.) So now, if you’re looking to start a Sonos system from scratch, you just buy a bevvy of these babies and you’re done.

Mind you, it’s still pricey—$399. But I want one for my bathroom. Does that make me bad?