Complete List of What’s Currently Available For the New Apple TV

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BBC America
Doctor Who, Season 1 SD
Doctor Who, Season 2 SD
The David Tennant Specials: Vol 2 HD
Doctor Who, Season 3 SD
Doctor Who, Season 4 SD
Doctor Who, Animated SD
The David Tennant Specials: Vol 1 SD
Doctor Who, Season 5 HD
Torchwood: Children of the Earth HD
Top Gear, Season 7-13 including Specials SD, 14-15 HD
Skins, Season 1-3 SD
Robin Hood, Season 1-3 HD
Bleak House, Episodes 1-8 HD
Primeval, Season 1-3 SD
Gavin & Stacey, Season 1-3 HD
Whitechapel, Episodes 1-3 SD
MI-5, Season 1-7 SD
Blackadder SD
Mistresses, Season 1-2 SD
Survivors, Season 1-2 HD
Coupling, Season 1-4 SD
Little Britain, Season 1-3, including Specials SD
The Young Ones, Series 1-2 SD
Lark Rise to Candleford, Season 1-2 HD
Neverwhere SD
Desperate Romantics, Season 1 HD
Yes Ministers SD
Jekyll, Episodes 1-6 SD
David Copperfield, Episodes 1-4 SD
A Bit of Fry & Laurie, Series 1-4 including 1987 Christmas Special SD
The Sarah Jane Adventures, Season 1-2 SD
Father and Son, Episodes 1-4 HD
BBC America Reveals Documentaries SD
Hyperdrive, Season 1-2 SD
Jam and Jerusalem, Season 1 SD
People Like Us, Season 1 SD
Hotel Babylon, Season 1-3 HD
Bottom, Season 1-3 SD
Lead Balloon, Season 1-2 HD
Red Dwarf SD
I Am Not an Animal, Series 1 SD
Fawlty Towers, Series 1-2 SD

BBC Earth
The Blue Planet SD
Walking With Dinosaurs SD
Hiroshima, Episodes 1-2 SD
The Planets, Series 1 SD
Yellowstone, Series 1 HD
Wild China, Series 1 HD
Himalaya with Michael Palin SD
Pompeii: The Last Day SD
Colosseum: Rome’s Arena of Death SD
Great Natural Wonders of the World SD
Walking with Cavemen SD
Walking with Beasts SD
Life of Birds SD
Wild Africa SD
A Year in Tibet SD
Life in the Freezer SD
Big Cat Diary, Series 1-2 SD

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