Complete List of What’s Currently Available For the New Apple TV

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Are you wondering what shows are currently available for the new Apple TV? We’ve just spent the last couple of hours compiling which shows are available by season and whether or not they’re in SD or HD. *All shows that are currently in season will be added the day after they air. This list may or may not be out of date by the time you receive your pre-ordered Apple TV.*

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20th Century Fox
Glee, Season 1-2 HD
Bones, Season 1-3 SD 4-5 HD
Family Guy, Season 1-7 SD 8 HD
Firefly, Season 1 SD
24, Season 1-6 SD 7 HD
Arrested Development, Season 1-3 SD
The Simpsons Season, Season 20 SD, 21-22 HD
Prison Break, Season 1-3 SD 4 HD
Lie to Me, Season 1-2 HD
The Unit, Season 1-3 SD 4 HD
Dollhouse, Season 1-2 HD
Boston Legal, Season 1-5 SD
Drive, Season 1 SD
Defying Gravity, Season 1 HD
The Simple Life, Season 1-5 SD
American Dad, Season 1-3 SD 4-6 HD
Shark, Season 1-2 SD
The Cleveland Show, Season 1-2 HD
My Name Is Earl, Season 1-4 SD
Mental, Season 1 SD
The Loop, Season 1-2 SD
Back to You, Season 1 SD
Roswell, Season 1 SD
WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 SD
Ally McBeal, Season 1-2 SD
NYPD Blue, Season 1-2 SD
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 1-7 SD
Murder One, Season 1-2 SD
Stacked, Season 1-2 SD
The Time Tunnel, Season 1 SD
Hill Street Blues, Season 1-3 SD
The Bob Newhart Show, Season 1-3 SD
The X-Files, Season 1-9 SD
Reba, Season 1-2 SD
Sit Down, Shut Up, Season 1 SD
St. Elsewhere, Season 1 SD
Picket Fences, Season 1 SD
Nanny and the Professor, Season 1 SD
Lost in Space, Season 1-3 SD
The Fall Guy, Season 1 SD
The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Season 1-6 SD
The Pretender, Season 1-2 SD
Unan1mous, Season 1 SD
Lone Star, Season 1 HD
Remington Steele, Season 1-2 SD
Sons of Tucson, Season 1 SD
Land of the Giants, Season 1-2 SD
Do Not Disturb, Season 1 SD
Lou Grant, Season 1-3 SD
Raising Hope, Season 1 HD

Hell’s Kitchen, Season 3-8 SD
Master Chef, Season 1 SD
Kitchen Nightmares, Season 3 SD

Grey’s Anatomy, Season 1-7 HD
Desperate Housewives, Season 1-7 HD
Lost, Season 1-6 HD
Brothers and Sisters, Season 1-5 HD
Castle, Season 1-3 HD
Private, Practice Season 1-4 HD
Cougar Town, Season 1-2 HD
Flash Forward, Season 1 HD
Boston Legal, Season 5 SD
October Road, Season1-2 SD
Scrubs, Season 1-7 SD 8-9 HD
Ugly Betty, Season 1-4 HD
Defying Gravity, Season 1 HD
Dirty Sexy Money, Season 1-2 HD
America’s Funniest Home Videos (Random episodes from 2001, 2002 and 2004) SD
Samantha Who?, Season 1-2 HD
Eli Stone, Season 1-2 HD
Happy Town, Season 1 HD
Cupid, Season 1 HD
In the Motherhood, Season 1 HD
Michael J. Fox: Adventures of an Incurable Optimist HD
Schoolhouse Rock, Vol. 1-3 SD, Earth HD
According to Jim, Season 8 HD
Scoundrels, Season 1 HD
I Survived a Japanese Game Show, Season 2 HD
Shaq Vs., Season 1-2 HD
Detroit 1-8-7, Season 1 HD
No Ordinary Family, Season 1 HD
My Generation, Season 1 HD

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ABC Family
Fallen, Episodes 1-6 SD
Kyle XY, Season 1-3 SD
Greek, Season 1-3 HD
Samurai Girl, Season 1 SD
Three Moons Over Milford, Season 1 SD
The Middleman, Season 1 SD
10 Things I Hate About You, Season 1 HD
Make It Or Break It, Season 1-2 HD
The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Season 1-3 HD
Scariest Places On Earth, Season 5 SD
Melissa & Joey, Season 1 HD
Slacker Cats, Season 1 SD
Huge, Season 1 HD
Lincoln Heights, Season 1-3 SD, 4 HD
Ruby & The Rockits, Season 1 HD
America’s Prom Queen, Season 1 SD
Roommates, Season 1 HD

ABC News
Boston Med, Season 1 HD
ABC News: The Day It Happened SD
ABC News Specials SD
ABC News: Celebrity Flashback SD

BBC America
Doctor Who, Season 1 SD
Doctor Who, Season 2 SD
The David Tennant Specials: Vol 2 HD
Doctor Who, Season 3 SD
Doctor Who, Season 4 SD
Doctor Who, Animated SD
The David Tennant Specials: Vol 1 SD
Doctor Who, Season 5 HD
Torchwood: Children of the Earth HD
Top Gear, Season 7-13 including Specials SD, 14-15 HD
Skins, Season 1-3 SD
Robin Hood, Season 1-3 HD
Bleak House, Episodes 1-8 HD
Primeval, Season 1-3 SD
Gavin & Stacey, Season 1-3 HD
Whitechapel, Episodes 1-3 SD
MI-5, Season 1-7 SD
Blackadder SD
Mistresses, Season 1-2 SD
Survivors, Season 1-2 HD
Coupling, Season 1-4 SD
Little Britain, Season 1-3, including Specials SD
The Young Ones, Series 1-2 SD
Lark Rise to Candleford, Season 1-2 HD
Neverwhere SD
Desperate Romantics, Season 1 HD
Yes Ministers SD
Jekyll, Episodes 1-6 SD
David Copperfield, Episodes 1-4 SD
A Bit of Fry & Laurie, Series 1-4 including 1987 Christmas Special SD
The Sarah Jane Adventures, Season 1-2 SD
Father and Son, Episodes 1-4 HD
BBC America Reveals Documentaries SD
Hyperdrive, Season 1-2 SD
Jam and Jerusalem, Season 1 SD
People Like Us, Season 1 SD
Hotel Babylon, Season 1-3 HD
Bottom, Season 1-3 SD
Lead Balloon, Season 1-2 HD
Red Dwarf SD
I Am Not an Animal, Series 1 SD
Fawlty Towers, Series 1-2 SD

BBC Earth
The Blue Planet SD
Walking With Dinosaurs SD
Hiroshima, Episodes 1-2 SD
The Planets, Series 1 SD
Yellowstone, Series 1 HD
Wild China, Series 1 HD
Himalaya with Michael Palin SD
Pompeii: The Last Day SD
Colosseum: Rome’s Arena of Death SD
Great Natural Wonders of the World SD
Walking with Cavemen SD
Walking with Beasts SD
Life of Birds SD
Wild Africa SD
A Year in Tibet SD
Life in the Freezer SD
Big Cat Diary, Series 1-2 SD

Disney Channel
Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam HD
Disney’s Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Season 1-2 SD, 3 HD
Fish Hooks, Season 1 HD
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Season 1-3 SD
Phineas and Ferb, Season 1 SD, 2 HD
Hannah Montana, Season 1-3 SD, 4 HD
Wizards of Waverly, Season 1-2 SD, 3 HD
Jonas, Season 1 HD
The Suite Life on Deck, Season 1 SD, 2-3 HD
Good Luck Charlie, Season 1 HD
Sonny With a Chance, Season 1-2 HD
Handy Manny, Season 1-2 SD, 3 HD
Kim Posible, Season 1-4 SD
Little Einsteins, Season 1-2 SD
Disney Channel Games 2008 SD
Jonas L.A., Season 1-2 HD
Cory in the House, Season 1-2 SD
American Dragon, Season 1-2 SD
Special Agent Oso, Season 1-2 HD
My Friends Tigger & Pooh, Season 1-2 SD
Imagination Mover, Season 1-2 SD
Higglytown Heroes, Season 1-2 SD
Bunnytown, Season 1 SD
The Replacements, Season 1-2 SD
The Proud Family, Season 1 SD
Jungle Junction HD
Lizzie McGuire, Season 1-2 SD
The Emperor’s New School, Season 1-2 SD
Johnny and the Sprites, Season 1-2 SD
That’s So Raven, Season 1-4 SD

Disney XD
Phineas and Ferb, Season 1 SD, 2 HD
Pair of Kings, Season 1 HD
X-Men, Vol.1 SD
Spider-Man the Animated Series, Season 1 SD
Zeke and Luther, Season 1-2 HD
Aaron Stone, Season 1-2 HD
I’m In the Band, Season 1 HD
Pucca, Season 1-2 SD
Yin Yang Yo!, Season 1-2 SD
Kid vs. Kat, Season 1 HD
Jimmy Two Shoes, Season 1 HD
Kick Buttowski Surbarban Daredevil, Season 1 HD

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