Comics on Our Pull List 10/13/10

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This is a big week, no question about it. Superior finally drops. Shadlowland and Thor continue for Marvel. Knight and Squire debuts as well as a ton of books surrounding the Return of Bruce Wayne on the DC side. I’ll have my work cut out for me Wednesday that’s for sure. Stay tuned for the Panel of the Week and the Comic Book Club later this week.

Knight & Squire #1
Otherwise known as the British Batman and Robin these two crime-fighters are finally getting their own book. After they were featured in an arc of B&R recently I was on board with this idea. I know that Wolk is. Then I read the preview blurb for the first book, something about a magic bar where heroes and villains unwind after a long day, and now I’m not so sure. Still worth at least one issue, though.

Return of Bruce Wayne #5
In for a penny, in for a pound as it were. Morrison’s evil science project hits as often as it misses but I’m in too far now to stop picking up Return. Although, now that Batman has already been a caveman, a pirate, and a cowboy all the really cool halloween costumes have been represented. Not sure I can say I’m pumped about 20’s private eye Batman.

Superior #1
Just in case you didn’t get enough Millar with last month’s booby trapped uterus the Scottish scribe has got more for you with this week’s long awaited Superior. I’m more excited about having another book from artist Leinel Yu even if every single time I reference him I have to look up how to spell his first name. I actually have no idea what this book is about. Not that it really matters.

Shadowland #4
Matt Murdock realized that to fight the growing squad of heroes that want to take him down he’s going to need more than some Larry’s he recruited from the local small time gangs. He’s decided to use Hand magic to resurrect Bullseye. Bullseye, a man that Matt just killed himself (finally) not three issues ago. No way can this end badly. Now I might finally get some good street brawling out this series.

Strange Tales #1 (vol. 2)
There’s all kinds of reasons to pick up the next volume of Strange Tales. Most of them revolve around the freedom given to new artists to try new things with exiting Marvel franchises but the main reason is Rafael Grampa. He’s the fantastic artist that did the cover for the book as well as an eight page Wolverine story. Can’t get enough of his very unique take on everything he draws.