Comics on Our Pull List 10/20/10

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Here it is, my top five pull list on its new day. I reshuffled some of my posts and now I’m going to bump the pull list to Wednesdays where it might do some more good for those getting ready to pull the trigger on some $2.99 gems. See you at the racks.

Batman and Robin #15
This is the final chapter in the “Batman Must Die” story arc and when it’s over I’m going to be sad to see Frazer Irving no longer drawing this face off between Damian and the Joker. This arc has got some work to do to top the finale of last arc, however. That Joker reveal from the last arc was mind blowing. Not sure some antics with Dr Hurt can match up.

Morning Glories #3
Nick Spencer continues to plumb the depths of WTF in this LOST inspired high school drama. Can’t even use high school drama as a comparison since the high school in question is closer to a prison or at least some kind of terrifying social experiment. Let’s put it this way, the preview for issue three features several pages that take place in a dungeon cell during the 1400’s.

Kickass Vol. 2 #1
Wondering what Kick Ass and Hit Girl have been up to since we’ve seen them last? Well, it looks like they are in training to become the first super hero team up. The first that is, since Kick Ass and Red Mist smoked j’s and cruised in the Mistmobile back in volume one, but that was short lived.

Carnage #1
The last time we saw carnage was way back in the beginning of New Avengers. The red and black symbiote was flown into space by the Sentry and then torn in two, almost casually. Honestly, it was the best story line that Carnage has ever been part of. I’m only giving this book a chance because Clayton Crain (Ghost Rider) is handling the art duties.

Turf #3
The world of New York gangsters, vampires, and space aliens has been built in the sporadically released pages of Turf. Now I’m ready for some vampire on alien weirdness. There are few better than artist Tommy Lee Edwards to handle the task. I’m a bit worried that the fangs will be resurrecting a fabled “first vampire”. That is such typical vampire BS. They are always going after some version of Vlad. What’s this? We have a preview?

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