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This is a big week. I know I say that often but limiting myself to just five for the featured pull list today was not easy. It’s going to be another budget breaking Wednesday at ol’ Midtown. Ignore these comics at your own peril.

Bullseye Perfect Game #1
Bullseye takes a year off of contract murdering to play baseball. Specifically, he becomes a pitcher and I imagine a very, very good one. I’m not sure when this story is taking place as Bullseye’s last few years have been very busy as part of several super teams (not to mention that he’s recently been murdered and resurrected). Maybe it’s a What If story but I think it would be cool if future writers had to keep a year as a pitcher in his continuity.

Mystery Society #4
One of my favorite characters, Secret Skull, continues her investigation of the disappearance of the skull of Edgar Allen Poe. Her sidekick is a robot with Jules Verne’s brain. There’s some other stuff going on in Mystery Society but those two are what it means to be a tough act to follow.

Invincible #75
It’s main even time. I think. This is a Kirkman joint after all and despite the fact that Invincible and his fellow warriors are finally taking the fight to the Viltrumite home planet I doubt that this will be the penultimate issue of the Viltrumite War story arc. Even in the preview pages Mark comments that there is no way they will all make it out alive. Looking forward to how Ryan Ottley comes up with new ways to fill panels with super blood.

Punisher in Blood #1
The age of FrankenCastle is over. Frank, minus the Bloodstone that gave him regenerative powers, is wading back into ‘the life’ in New York City. He’s taking on a classic Punisher villain with Jigsaw. Rick Remender writes a gritty, violent, efficient Frank Castle who often takes as much of a beating as the criminals he brutalizes.

Strange Tales #2 (Vol. 2)
We covered the first issue of Strange Tales in the Comic Book Club and we loved it so much that we’re going to do it again this week so keep an eye out for that. Here are some of the creators lined up for this issue: Jaime Hernandez, Farel Dalrymple, David Heatley, Jon Vermilyea, Paul Maybury, Sheldon Vella, Tony Millionaire, Jeffrey Brown and Paul Hornshemeier. 48 pages!

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