PostPost: A Social Newspaper for Facebook Users

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For Facebook users who don’t have time to delve into their Facebook newsfeed every day, PostPost is something you may want to give a test drive. A real-time “social newspaper,” PostPost is a web-based service created from what your friends post on Facebook, and only the latest in a series of social news aggregators. It’s kind of like Flipboard on the iPad, but accessible through your browser.

The service is free and all you have to do is login with your Facebook account. It takes links, photos, videos that your friends have posted on Facebook and collates them onto a page. Similar to what does for Twitter, except with your newsfeed. The purpose, according to PostPost, is to create a real-time dashboard allowing you to quickly skim relevant passages of text from friends and clump similar content together so it’s easier to read. (More on Facebook: Cartoon Pics Not Linked To Pedophiles)

With PostPost it’s easy to move your content between sections. It’s also easy to decrease/increase the size of your social newspaper. You can funnel content and block posts from specific posts or sources. It’s definitely a fun way to view your Facebook news and the latest social news aggregator service to check out.

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