Nintendo DS is the US Best Selling Console Of All Time

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The handheld Nintendo DS has sold over 47 million consoles since its release in 2004 making it the the top-selling video game console in the US, according to Nintendo. It’s only going to get better for the company, which is releasing the 3DS late February in Japan and March for the rest of the world. The new system will feature 3D games where gamers won’t need to wear glasses to get the effect.

“When we look back at 2010, we see consumers time and again turning to the value and enjoyment of our products,” Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime said in the press release. “When we look ahead to 2011, we see new portable technology and more great Wii games that need to be seen to be believed.”

The DS has become the superior gaming system because it’s one of the few portable devices solely for gaming left on the market. However, with smartphones featuring better graphics, and Apple devices being primed for gaming, the device could seem some serious competition in the years ahead.

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