Tablets May Get All the Hype, But Smartphones Still Favored By Consumers

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Although the latest tablets may be generating all the buzz, a new Nielsen survey shows that for the average consumer, hype typically doesn’t translate into a purchase. According to the 27,000-person survey, only 6% of respondents said they were interested in buying a tablet. And while Amazon’s Kindle is its best-selling item of all time, only 5% said they owned any type of e-reader, while a mere 7% said they were considering buying one.

The report also stated that the market share between the iPhone, Android and Blackberry is approaching an equal split, with Android increasing its share, Apple staying about the same and Blackberry sales decreasing.

Although only small numbers of people are interested in tablets, the many varieties of them on display at CES seem to suggest that in 2011, they could still be the next big thing.

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