Amazon Web Services Drops Price, Adds Premium Services

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Amazon Web Services is feeling competitive in 2011. The company announced yesterday that it would be cutting prices on existing premium plans by 50%, as well as creating two new premium support plans for users, in response to moves from rivals like Oracle and Rackspace to enter the same space.

The first of the new premium plans is the Bronze Support Tier, aimed at software developers and offering business-day support promising responses within 12 hours to one-business-day for $49 a month. Alternatively, $15,000 a month will get you the other new plan, the Platinum Support Tier; that comes with your own personalized account manager and response times of 15 minutes. Quite a step up from the previous Gold Tier, which offered a 24-7 phone line for $400 a month (Silver and Basic Tiers are also available).

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