TechFast: New Facebook Look, Verizon iPhone Roundup

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Good morning! Here are some of today’s top tech links so far. We’ll cover a few of these throughout the day but feel free to get a head start.

Google’s Android Is Likely to Lose Out as Verizon Sells IPhone

Link: Bloomberg

With all the talk about how a Verizon iPhone will surely be the death of AT&T, all its subsidiaries, and anyone who looks directly at the AT&T logo for more than five milliseconds, let’s not forget how aggressively Verizon’s been marketing Android phones in the iPhone’s absence. With the Verizon iPhone expected to be announced today, how much will it cannibalize sales of Verizon Android handsets?

The New Profile Is Here

Link: Facebook

Ready or not, your Facebook page will soon sport the new profile design (if it doesn’t already). The top of your page will contain a quick summary about you, photos will be featured more prominently, and you’ll be able to “highlight meaningful friendships” and “tag your friends in important life experiences.”

Google Ice Cream landing in time for the summer

Link: Pocket-lint

Summer seems like an eternity from now, but Pocket-lint purports that the next version of Google’s Android software for smartphones will be ready by June or July. Android 2.4 will apparently be called “Ice Cream” and is expected to be announced at Google’s developer conference in May.

Bonus Verizon iPhone Roundup

Hope you like Verizon iPhone news, because the internet will be awash with it today. We’ve covered it and will continue to cover it, but here are some other perspectives as well.

AT&T and Verizon Trade Taunts Over iPhone (New York Times)

The Verizon iPhone Isn’t the Mobile Messiah (PC Magazine)

IPhone May Cost Verizon $5 Billion in Subsidies in First Year (Bloomberg)

AT&T Preps iPhone Plan (Wall Street Journal)

Four things still in AT&T’s iPhone pocket (CNET)

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