Steve Jobs Still Makes A $1 Salary

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Steve Jobs is known to try and be involved with Mac users. While he might not be writing personal, handwritten notes to thank you for buying an Apple computer anymore, he does still try and answer emails from customers sent to his personal account. Now, we’re finding out that Jobs still takes $1 in salary. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that Jobs only receives $1 per year.

It may be hard to believe that Jobs only makes a three figure salary – in pennies – but don’t worry he’s more than adequately compensated in shares and reimbursements. Though he still does not receive equity, he received $248,000 this past year for the use of his private plane for business purposes and owns 5.5 million of the company’s common stock (and is the company’s largest shareholder). which isn’t doing so shabby since the releases of the of the iPod, the iPhone and iPad. Last Thursday, Apple stocks closed at $333.73, bringing the value of Jobs’ personal holdings to $1.84 billion.

Just because you work for Apple though doesn’t mean you get a measly salary. Apple’s chief operating officer and Jobs’ second in command, Tim Cook, however, received a special $5 million bonus and restricted stock award in 2010 for his “outstanding performance” during Jobs’ medical leave in the first half of 2009 when he took over, Apple said. His “bonus” is said to be worth $59 million, according to the Economic Times.

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