Google Docs Gets an Organizational Reboot

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The past month has brought a bunch of new features and improvements to Google Docs, and yesterday, the Internet giant rolled out yet another when it announced that it is giving a “refresh” to its documents list.

The “refresh” aims to make the Docs page easier to organize and navigate, and this is accomplished in a few different ways. For one, the Docs page now has a “home” feature that displays your most recent files, shared files and items that have been shared with you. All files are also searchable and can be sorted in a variety of ways–for instance, you can now search for or sort through videos only, spreadsheets only or private documents only.

The new Docs also has a helpful new “preview” feature, which shows a bit of the file and includes information like when it was last viewed and modified. For photos and videos, this feature is even cooler, as it allows you to see the photos in a slideshow or watch the video within the preview box itself.

But perhaps the best part of the Docs refresh is the “collections” feature, which is a combination of labels and folders. Collections act like folders, but a file can be in more than one collection at once. It’s a handy organizational tool and also a simple way to share full collections of files with anyone you choose.

While these features are impressive, Docs still has a ways to go in terms of working out the kinks (and there’s still no way to play mp3s in the cloud!). Still, this is a step in the right direction.

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