Sony PS3 “Spokesperson” Retweets PS3 Jailbreak Code

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If you follow Sony’s (among other things) VP of Realistic Movements Kevin Butler, you might have been shocked that he retweeted the famed Playstation 3 jailbreak code. Travis La Marr (@exvia) tweeted the METLDR root key at Butler, who didn’t recognize the infamous PS3 hack. Although Butler made light of it by asking if it was some kind of Battleship code, it was a big mistake that many hardcore gamers recognized. La Marr tweeted that he posted the comment “because of the way they (Sony) are handling it. Subpoenaing information from YOUTUBE on people who have WATCHED the video? Are you serious?” (The retweet has been removed.)

Normally, if a spokesperson would make that mistake they would be fired right away, but Kevin Butler is a completely fake persona invented as an advertising technique and represents, well, almost everything.


No word on Butler’s future, but something tells us the person who retweeted the tweet is in a bit of trouble.

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