Hulu Takes Over Streaming Criterion Collection from Netflix

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In a major play to unseat the powerhouse Netflix from the legal streaming movie market, Hulu has gained the rights to stream the Criterion Collection films.

Criterion Collection announced on Tuesday that they will cease to be a partner with Netflix’s instant streaming feature, instead starting a partnership with their competitor Hulu Plus. While the DVDs and Blu-Rays will still be available on Netflix, you won’t be able to watch the movie on your devices whenever you want. Most of the streaming titles will be off Netflix’s list by the end of the summer. (More on MPAA Sues For Promoting Internet Piracy)

“Hulu is dedicated to giving users the best most easily accessible Criterion streaming experience possible,” a Criteron Collection spokesperson tells Techland by email. “From creating a Criterion-specific space on the site, to making searching for titles a snap, Hulu is right in line with Criterion’s mission of making classic and contemporary films available to those interested in discovering or rediscovering them. An experience like the one Hulu has created for Criterion is not possible on Netflix. Criterion remains dedicated to creating beautiful Blu-ray and DVD editions of its films, and the folks there are as busy as ever on that front. The partnership with Hulu just gives film lovers another option. And Criterion believes it is the best option when it comes to viewing Criterion titles online.”

On their official Facebook page, Criterion said that Hulu was much more dedicated to promoting the Criterion brand and offered them a section of their website dedicated to the high quality versions of classic and foreign titles, while citing examples like how “Criterion” isn’t even a searchable term on Netflix. For film buffs, this automatically makes a subscription to Hulu Plus a lot more appealing. A lot of the Criterion Collection films are hard to find, and the copies that are available are often in very poor quality compared to the Collection’s offerings. (More on Online Movie Downloads: Cost More Than $3? Expect More Pirating)

For a list of the first 150 movies to be offered on Hulu Plus, see the next page.

400 Blows, The

A Nos Amours
Angel At My Table, An
Avventura, L’
Ballad Of A Soldier
Ballad Of The Sad Cafe, The
Battle Of Algiers, The
Beales Of Grey Gardens, The
Bed And Board
Bergman Island
Black Orpheus
Blob, The
Branded To Kill
Burden Of Dreams
Carnival Of Souls
Cars That Ate Paris, The
Challenge, The
Circus, The
City Lights
Cleo From 5 To 7
Closely Watched Trains
Cria Cuervos
Divorce Of Lady X, The
Earrings Of Madame De…
Exterminating Angel, The
Eyes Without A Face
For All Mankind
Four Feathers, The
General Idi Amin Dada
George Washington
Gold Rush, The
Great Dictator, The
Grey Gardens
Harlan County Usa
Hearts And Minds
Hidden Fortress, The
High And Low
Hobson’s Choice
Honeymoon Killers
Hullabaloo Over Georgie And Bonnie’s Pictures
I Was A Teenage Zombie
Ideal Husband, An
Jetée, La
Jules And Jim
Kid, The
King In New York, A
Knife In The Water
La Pointe Courte
League Of Gentlemen, The
Lola Montes
Lord Of The Flies
Louie Bluie
Love On The Run
Lower Depths
M. Hulot’s Holiday
Magic Flute
Magician, The
Man Bites Dog
Mishima: A Life In Four Chapters
Model Couple, The
Modern Times
Mon Oncle
Monsieur Verdoux
Mr. Freedom
My Life As A Dog
Norte, El
Pandora’s Box
Paris Texas
Passion Of Joan Of Arc
Picnic At Hanging Rock
Plumber, The
Posto, Il
Red Balloon, The
Richard Iii
Rome Open City
Rules Of The Game
Sans Soleil
Seven Samurai
Seventh Seal
Shoot The Piano Player
Smiles Of A Summer Night
Spirit Of The Beehive
Spy In Black, The
Strada, La
Taste Of Cherry
That Hamilton Woman
Thief Of Bagdad, The
Things To Come
Tokyo Story
Tout Va Bien
Tunes Of Glory
Umberto D
Vanishing, The
Vengeance Is Mine
Virgin Spring
Wages Of Fear, The
White Mane
Who Are You, Polly Maggoo?
Wild Strawberries
Wings Of Desire
Wiseblood Aka Wise Blood
Woman Of Paris, A
Young Torless
Mala Noche
Paul Robeson: Tribute To An Artist

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