Yes, Your Cell Phone Reception is Getting Worse

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Do you feel like your calls are dropping more frequently or more of your calls are not connecting? Don’t throw your cell phone on the ground in frustration and start cursing the phone’s poorly manufactured antenna. Studies are showing that your reception — not your equipment — may be the problem.

According to consumer ratings firm J.D. Power and Associates, the quality of wireless phone calls has become worse over the last six months. Overall cell phone call clarity and connection reached its best levels in 2009. Sadly, it hasn’t improved since then. Who is having the most problems? Smartphone users. They’re more likely to complain about call quality over other wireless phone owners.

J.D. Power and Associates said that part of what’s lowering the average quality of wireless calls is that people are using their cell phones at home in lieu owning a landline. Calls placed or received indoors are traditionally less clear because the signal has to travel through walls and windows. More people reporting they have bad reception because they’re trying to use their phones from inside a building.

Then again, Consumer Reports did name AT&T the worst service provider this past year. Hey J.D. Power and Associates, is there a chance that the cell phone service providers, not the consumers, are to blame? It’s been reported that networks can’t handle the influx of people who are growing increasingly dependent on their cell phones.

What is worst city to make or get a phone call? Washington D.C. wins this losers’ race. Eighteen out of every 100 calls had problems. What is the best city to use a cell phone? Only six percent of all calls in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati had service issues.

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