Best Buy Shows White iPhone Launch Date as April 27

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Okay, so maybe the white iPhone was supposed to come by the end of February. This time around, with more Best Buy inventory shots to pass around, the white iPhone for AT&T is rumored to drop it like its hot two days from now, on April 27.

Verizon users shouldn’t worry too much either. 9to5Mac’s sources say the CDMA version is close on the heels of the GSM version. According to the leak, if it really launches on the 27th (seriously, when will this thing ever come?) there will only be 10 units of the device at each store.

If you’re an entrepreneurial go-getter, also consider the fact that the units should arrive in store today or tomorrow, so start becoming friends with the next pimply-faced Best Buy employee you see now. Besides being, well… white, the device might even have some snazzy iOS features, but we highly doubt it.

Apple confirmed that the phone is indeed coming this spring, so maybe April 27 is the final, actual date of reckoning. Though no launch has ever been officially announced, it should be soon because the birds are chirping louder than usual, my shirt collar hugs my neck and I’ve all of a sudden started thinking about the beach and staring outside my window more often.

(via 9to5Mac)

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