Finally, a Bluetooth Fridge Magnet That Orders Pizza with a Single Touch

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Behold the latest installment in our hard-hitting series of practical innovations that have changed the world in immeasurably positive ways! This is a refrigerator magnet with a built-in Bluetooth connection that, when pressed, automatically orders your favorite pizza for delivery.

I know, right?!

Behold its majesty in the above video, but make sure you’re either sitting down or standing in an open area with a circumference capable of safely containing your limp body as it falls to the ground in an amazement-induced blackout.

Now for some tough truths. Again, you’ll want to be sitting down or standing in a safe-circle.

  • One: This magnet only works with one single pizza delivery company.
  • Two: This pizza delivery company is located in Dubai.

So we’ve got some obstacles to overcome, but – but! – the path has at least been cleared for other pizza companies to offer a similar gadget. And once this company, Red Tomato Pizza, has its multi-million-dollar IPO – which can’t be far off, given the brilliance of its Bluetooth refrigerator magnet that offers one-click ordering of your favorite pizza – other pizza chains will surely follow suit. Now we play the waiting game, in other words.

For those of you who may be mortified at the thought of how badly a one-click pizza-ordering button could be abused, take heart in its failsafes: The magnet is a little pizza box with a lid that must be opened before pressing the button, and you’ll get a confirmation text message each time you order, at which point you can cancel. And if you get sick of large pepperoni after large pepperoni, you can change your default one-touch order online.

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