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Did U.K. Journalists Use E-mail Viruses to Steal Personal Info?

Two sex-life bloggers believe they may have been victims of computer hacking attempts by journalists at newspapers owned by Rupert Murdoch.

As the U.K. scandal enveloping politics, police corruption and journalism ethics grows wider and becomes ever more serious for media tycoon
Murdoch, these latest accusations suggest that the …

Google+ Is ‘Growing Like Crazy’

If you’re desperate to get on to Google+ but are still awaiting your invite, stay calm: Google’s new social network is growing incredibly fast, according to one unofficial study. So your chance to join in the Circle-dancing fun on G+ can’t be far off.

According to G+ user Paul Allen (not the Paul Allen that co-founded Microsoft, …

What Is YouTube’s ‘Panda’ Project All About?

Google’s been busy recently. The launch of Google+ has also brought about a long-overdue revamp of the branding and styling found on other Google sites, giving all of them a unified new look. YouTube is no exception.

The new YouTube goes under the name “Cosmic Panda”, and you can get to it just by visiting …

U.K. Town Brought to Standstill by Geocache ‘Bomb’

A humble geocache brought an English town to a halt this week, after it was mistaken for a terrorist bomb.

Coffee shop owner Karen Brittain called the police after she saw a man furtively fumbling with a sealed plastic box, hiding it under a waste bin on the street, then walking away quickly with a cell phone held to his ear. She’d …

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