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Matt Peckham is TIME's video games critic. He has an M.A. in Creative Writing from Creighton University and lives in Iowa. Drop him a line here.

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Twitter Boosts Security with Permanent HTTPS Support

First Google did it, then Facebook, and now Twitter’s following suit, adding an option to permanently shore up your account’s defenses courtesy the Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, commonly abbreviated HTTPS.

Normally you type ‘http’ into your URL bar to conjure a website, but if you’ve ever used a service like online banking, you …

NASA, Russian Astronauts Touch Down Safely in Kazakhstan

From the International Space Station to the snowy stretches of central Kazakhstan, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and two Russian cosmonauts have safely returned to earth.

The Russian Soyuz capsule carrying Kelly and Russians Oleg Skripochka and Alexander Kaleri touched down today (March 16), a few minutes before 0800 GMT, bringing to …

Contest: Want a Free Halo Reach ‘Defiant’ Map Pack?

Because Techland loves you, we’re giving away five codes for Microsoft’s new Halo: Reach “Defiant” map pack, out today. Hey, we’re talking $10 worth of map pack here, or 800 Microsoft Points.

“Defiant” comes packed with three new battleground maps set in some fairly wild-sounding spaces. There’s one that transpires on an orbital space …

Use Your Phone to Pay for That Dress, Courtesy Google

You’re wrapping up dinner at your favorite restaurant, but how do you reply to the maître d’ who hands you the bill and asks “paper, plastic, or semiconductor”?

With your phone, of course, and that’s just what Google’s hoping you’ll do when its new mobile payment service goes live sometime during the next four months, according to

Live TV Comes to iPad, But You’ll Have to Stay Home

You know you want to watch live TV on your iPad, because what else are you going to watch live on your iPad, right?

Well now you can, courtesy an app from Time Warner Cable Inc. — full disclosure, Time Warner Cable was divested from our parent company, Time Warner, in 2009 — that’ll allow your totable Apple slate with its glossy …

Will NFL Shutdown Torpedo Madden NFL 12?

With the NFL embroiled in player lockouts, antitrust suits, and overheated rhetoric, diehard fans have one very pressing question: will EA’s perennial Madden NFL update happen this year?

Relax, Madden junkies — the answer’s an unequivocal “yes.” (Now, whether EA makes as much bank off of you is another question, which we’ll get to in …

Hackers Scam Microsoft in Xbox 360 Points Swindle

Hackers briefly punctured the Xbox 360’s veil of security yesterday, finagling an algorithm that generates virtual currency used to purchase items through Microsoft’s online games store. The exploit reportedly allowed users to reuse special access codes and rack up counterfeit Microsoft Points, redeemable for downloadable content.

The …

Two Hours of Gaming Like Doing a Line of Cocaine?

According to a UK-based psychotherapist, playing video games for two hours is like doing a line of cocaine. No, really, that’s just what he said. As in lowering your nose to a mirror lined with white powdery coca bits and inhaling.

“Spending two hours on a game station is equivalent to taking a line of cocaine in the high it produces …

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