Matt Peckham

Matt Peckham is TIME's video games critic. He has an M.A. in Creative Writing from Creighton University and lives in Iowa. Drop him a line here.

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Cool as Morning Joe: Coldest Star Yet Discovered

Next time you take a sip of coffee, consider the possibility that you could be sipping on a star.

Not just any star, and certainly not for taste or blend, but the temperature? Maybe, according to a new study that claims a star found using NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope and 75 light years away from us is no hotter than a sauna, cup of …

GPS-Enabled Shopping: Never Get Lost at Home Depot Again!

Imagine the scenario. You’re at a football game, post- bathroom break or beer run, and you suddenly realize that you don’t remember how to find your way back to your seat.

Not to worry. A new app for your iPhone (and, shortly, your Android device) may be able to help. In fact it might even help you find your way to the nearest …

Sprint Puts Google Voice Everywhere

What’s the difference between porting your mobile number and using it in two places at once? Sprint and Google Voice, that’s what. Both companies just announced a deal to streamline the whole port-your-number process courtesy Google’s Internet-based telephony service.

The partnership essentially lets you display your Google Voice …

AT&T Teases First ‘Glasses-Free’ Phone Ahead of Nintendo 3DS Launch

It’s a handheld, it plays games, it delivers no-glasses 3D, and–surprise–it’s not from Nintendo. Meet LG’s Thrill 4G, just announced by AT&T, and promoted as “the first U.S. smartphone to deliver a glasses-free 3D experience.”

Glasses-free means it’ll employ some form of stereoscopic 3D, sending separate images to each of your eyes …

Study: Android Smokes iPhone 4 Crunching Web Pages?

Everyone loves a smackdown, so how about one that proves whether Google’s Android or Apple’s iPhone is faster? And from a disinterested third-party researcher to boot?

Blaze Software says it ran a whopping 45,000 tests to prove whose browser was really king of the mobile mountain. The results: Android’s Chrome browser was an …

iPhone 5? Pretty Much the iPhone 4

What’s in a leaked iPhone 5 case? Mostly an iPhone 4, if the scuttlebutt’s true.

Consider this a rumor wrapped in a screenshot (see above) tucked inside a rather boring-looking (if colorific) iPhone hard case, but it sounds like Apple’s putative iPhone update this year may arrive sans the sort of speculative redesign bells and …

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