The Consequences of Apple’s Walled Garden

At the SysCan conference in Taiwan this week, security researcher Charlie Miller will describe a flaw he discovered in the iPhone’s web browser that allows a malicious app installed on the phone to download executable code from …

RIM Launches BBM Music, and It’s Doomed Already

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion is forging ahead with its BBM Music offering, an attempt at creating a viral music service that will probably fall flat.

BBM Music launches today with a free 60-day trial, and costs $5 per month thereafter. Here’s how it works:

You pick 50 songs for your music library. If you know anyone who’s …

Napster No More: Rhapsody Nabs Subscribers, Assets

Napster’s long, troubled life is finally coming to an end, with Rhapsody acquiring the service’s subscribers and assets from Best Buy. The Napster brand will be phased out as part of the deal.

Napster was best known for its early run as a peer-to-peer music sharing service (read: a way to download pirated MP3s) before the advent of …

Pandora Ends the Tyranny of 40-Hour Listening Caps

Remember back in the day when you listened to Pandora and hit your 40-hour listening limit?

“Wait, what? No more music?” you ask, brow furrowing as you slowly remove your earbuds. “Geez, 99 cents? For an entire month of streaming radio that I can customize as I please? Does it LOOK like I’m made of money?”

(MORE: Which Music

Who Needs Hulu? NBC Adds Free TV Shows to Its iPad App

NBC’s iPad app just got a lot more useful with full episodes of popular shows like Community and Parks and Recreation. Both the app and the TV episodes are now free.

The selection of full episodes in NBC’s app isn’t too shabby. For primetime, scripted TV shows, the five most recent episodes are available. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Survey: Bing Closes On Google, Wikipedia Beats Facebook, Fox News Reigns

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI) is a national survey conducted by the University of Michigan that evaluates customer satisfaction with a number of businesses annually.

In the internet sector, they’ve looked at and ranked three different types of services—social media, search engines and news sites—to determine …

Hands-on with Spotify: Promising, with Let-Downs

(UPDATE: Spotify has clarified that the software made available to me is the U.K. version of the service, not the U.S. version. Therefore, things may change before launch, and these should be considered early impressions.)

Spotify’s U.S. launch has been a long time coming, and now it’s nearly here. Although the subscription music …

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