Video Game Violence Holiday Roundup

SYRACUSE, New York (AP) — Police and firefighters were called in to break up what was described as an “all-out riot” between members of the Sigma Chi and Pi Kappa Alpha fraternities. According to witnesses, the adjacent fraternity houses were both playing a popular version of the video game Rock Band, called “Beer Rock Band,” when the …

The Nerdies: The 10 Best Nerd Things of 2007

I’m on leave from Time for a month to work on a book, which is leaving me less exposed to nerd things than usual. I haven’t even seen fricking I Am Legend, for frick’s sake. But I’m keeping the blogging flame burning, sort of. Because, you know, it matters.

Today I spent my lunch break noodling around with a list of the best nerd things …

iPod Touch: The Last Review

Photo courtesy of Apple

Whenever a new product comes out there’s a massive rush by the media to get the first review up. Which makes sense, because we-the-media are like that, but it’s also kinda lame, because everybody knows you have to live with a gadget for a while to truly grok its tiny electronic soul. That’s why I imagine a series

Games People Like Me Play: The Darkness

So I’ve been chewing my way through a new game called The Darkness. Trailer below:

The concept is quite an appealing mash-up (sorry for using what has become a journalistic cliche, but it is): A young mafia thug, upon being whacked by his own uncle, discovers that he’s not just a young mafia thug, he’s a young mafia thug who …

True Tales of the Halo 3 Beta Party

There’s always something a little surreal in the way Microsoft handles previews of its Halo franchise. The Halo 3 event this past Friday was typical: instead of, say, staging a demo at a conference room at a hotel, they rented out a bar on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, complete with a doorman outside. You go inside. It’s dark. The …

Raw William Shatner Interview Outtakes Dump!

(This interview was conducted by my excellent colleague Clayton Neuman — henceforth “CN” — for this week’s 10 Questions feature in Time. I threatened him with my orbital railgun until he agreed to hand over the outtakes. They’re posted below in minimally-edited form — seriously, these are raw transcripts of a phone interview, so don’t

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