Anonymous to Sony: We Don’t Condone Credit Card Theft

Yesterday Sony told a U.S. House of Representatives Committee that the culprits behind the PlayStation Network outages were none other than hacker collective Anonymous, the group responsible for the takedowns of websites like and Westboro Baptist Church late last year. But the puzzling saga took another sharp turn this morning …

Operation Payback: Who Are the WikiLeaks ‘Hactivists’?

A hacking group simply identifying itself as “Anonymous” has taken credit for a recent string of high-profile cyber attacks against the websites of businesses, banks and politicians that have either spoken out against or stopped doing business with whistleblowing site, WikiLeaks.

Since Monday of this week, targets have included Swiss …

Most Memorable Hacking Moments

In light of “Operation: Payback” and the group’s decision to start hacking the sites of those who have stopped Wikileaks payments (like MasterCard, PayPal and more), Techland has decided to reflect on other significant moments of recent hacking history.

Whether it was finding that your Twitter didn’t link to that thing you thought or …

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