Would You Pay $20 Per Month for Google’s Web-Only Laptop?

I actually like the idea of this—hear me out! Hear me out.

Google’s experimental Cr-48 laptop runs the company’s web-only “Chrome” operating system. It features instant-on startup, long battery life, and 100 megabytes of free Verizon cellular data usage each month. These are all nice things, to be sure, but you can’t just install …

Hey Internet, I’m Talking to You

If you’re running the latest version of Google’s Chrome web browser, you can now talk to the internet. It won’t listen, and it won’t do what you say, but it will recognize what words you’ve spoken. Which is a good start.

The beta of Chrome 11 includes support for a speech input technology, part of the HTML5 standard. That means that

TechFast: Amazon Tablets, Facebook Bans 20k Every Day

Good morning! Here’s this morning’s top tech headlines.

Amazon Could Become A Huge Tablet Player

At Business Insider, Dan Frommer wrote an excellent and insightful piece exploring the possibilities that lie ahead for Amazon. It already has an online store; it already makes good tablet hardware (albeit with limited functionality);

Study: Android Smokes iPhone 4 Crunching Web Pages?

Everyone loves a smackdown, so how about one that proves whether Google’s Android or Apple’s iPhone is faster? And from a disinterested third-party researcher to boot?

Blaze Software says it ran a whopping 45,000 tests to prove whose browser was really king of the mobile mountain. The results: Android’s Chrome browser was an …

Showdown: Chrome (Beta) vs. Firefox 4.0

With new versions scheduled to be released for these two popular web browsers, many of us are rethinking where our loyalties lie. Should we go with the Google Chrome (Beta) or Mozilla Firefox 4.0? Is it worth the upgrade, or is it time to try something new? Here’s a list of the new and upgraded features to make your decision …

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