Google Tweaks Gmail Design, Improves Contacts Interface

In case you hadn’t noticed, your Gmail looks a little different today. Google has tidied up the overall interface and added prominent Mail, Contacts, and Tasks links in the upper left corner along with a big "Compose mail" or "New contact" button depending upon which feature you’re using.

And speaking of contacts, Google has overhauled

Google Voice to be Integrated Into Gmail for VoIP Calls?

Back in 2005, a useful communications service called GrandCentral was launched. With it, you could get yourself a single phone number that got forwarded to any or all of your other phone numbers and featured some cool bells and whistles such as different voicemail greetings depending upon who was calling you—friends, family, …

Gmail May Offer Option to View Non-Threaded Replies

If and when you first started using Gmail, did you have trouble getting used to how replies came into your inbox? I know personally that I missed a few messages here and there until I got used to what Google calls “Conversation View.” And while I wouldn’t go back to the old way, there are still people out there who prefer to see …

Poll: Would You Dump Gmail For The New Hotmail?

Today, Microsoft unveiled its big Hotmail upgrade, followed by a resounding, “About time.” Among its new features, the revamped Hotmail will use cloud-based data storage, enable you to edit Microsoft docs directly within the email and will filter messages into four different “buckets:” mail from your contacts, mail from social networks, …

The Daily Dose

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Here’s what else is going on in nerd news around the Web:

Haters Gonna Hate: Anyone else spend time scrolling down through all 26?

[via urlesque]

Human Target renewed: FOX announced today that series Human Target will get a 13-episode second season, probably even a farther stretch from the comic it’s …

Google Looks To Crush Facebook, Twitter With a More Sociable Gmail

The invites are out and something is afoot in Mountain View, CA, at the Google campus. Whatever could it be? Well, this much we know so far, Google will be “unveiling some product innovations in two of [its] most popular products.”

According to an earlier report from the WSJ, Google will unveil a Gmail plug-in that streams …

Gmail Defaults To https

There’s surely some connection between Google flipping the switch on https access for everyone using Gmail as a default and the China debacle but they likely won’t admit it. Not that they need to but it became quite clear that Gmail accounts had been accessed via third parties yesterday when it was announced that Google might be …

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