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Google Announces Web Music Service, Movie Rentals and More

Google’s 2011 developer conference kicked off on Tuesday, May 10. Did you see the live blog? It’s O.K. if you didn’t. I’m not one of those How dare you not read everything I write! kind of writers. I just sort of fell into this whole blogging thing a few years back after my career in modern dance was cut short due to my lack of talent, …

Google May Unveil Online Music Service Later Today

Google’s apparently decided they’re going to unveil its music service – with or without the support of music industry execs. Let’s get ready to rock ‘n roll.

According to several reports, Google’s is preparing to show off its cloud-based music service, Music Beta, during today’s I/O conference in San Francisco. We’ve …

Google’s Cloud Music Player for Android Leaked—Take a Look

A cloud-based, streaming music service from Google is almost certainly an inevitability now, as a freshly leaked version of the Android Music player has been making its way around the tubes.

The app looks similar to the music player found on the new Android Honeycomb tablets but works on Android smartphones as well. I took it for a …

Google Begins Testing Google Music, Hints at Launch

According to CNET, Google’s finally testing Google Music internally. Does this mean the launch is imminent? Perhaps.

As always, Google employees get first dibs on trying it out, and it’s sounding like it could still be some time before the public has a go. Which begs the question why, after all this time, Google music still hasn’t …

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