E3 2011: Microsoft Showcases ‘Halo 4,’ Hardcore Kinect-ions

The one message that Microsoft drove home during their E3 2011 press conference is that they’re going to give everyone–from hardcore gamers to avid TV watchers to casual players–reason to turn on their hyper-successful motion-sensing peripheral.

Xbox exec Marc Whitten claimed that the goal is to “get the technology out of your …

Could Microsoft Turn Our Bodies into Antennas?

You know all that slightly eerie but kinda cool stuff you learned in grade school about the body’s latent electromagnetic energy field? Turns out your house generates something similar (no surprise) courtesy everything with an electrical pulse contained both within, from gizmos and gadgetry to the wiring in the walls.

Forget …

Drive Your Comfy Chair with Kinect Hack

Right, you’re saying, because tooling around in a plush La-Z-Boy has so many practical uses, but extrapolate from this Kinect hack and you might imagine all sorts of serious medical applications–say motion-controlled stairlifts, or wheelchairs that respond to twists of your head. Also, less serious ones, say trips to the fridge for a …

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