Two More LulzSec, Anonymous Suspects Picked Up in U.K.

The noose appears to be tightening around hacktivist groups LulzSec and Anonymous: Two men, aged 24 and 20, were just picked up for reported connections to online attacks by the groups in recent months.

The two apparently shared the hacker identity “Kayla,” a name associated with Anonymous and attacks on California-based Internet …

Anonymous and LulzSec Fire Back at Police with Lethal Data Dump

Members of the AntiSec hacking collective claim they’ve just pulled off their biggest heist-and-post yet, ostensibly dumping 10GB of confidential data purloined from U.S. law enforcement agencies in retaliation for the recent arrests of alleged Anonymous and LulzSec hackers.

Dubbed “Shooting Sherrifs Saturday,” the info-dump …

Your Website: It’s Probably Not Secure Enough

The latest LulzSec hack upon the websites of scandal-struck News International and some of its U.K. newspapers is just another episode in the adventures of what the hackers themselves call “the Lulz Boat,” by which they mean the increasingly bizarre and illegal trip they’re taking through global media and politics.

Lulz, of course, is …

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