Sneaky: Amazon Cloud Player Now Works with iOS (Sort of)

Without so much as a rumor or whisper, the Amazon Cloud Player suddenly works on Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

You didn’t miss the party—there wasn’t even an announcement. It just sort of happened over the weekend. Amazon may be causing its share of commotion these days, just not when it decides to let its free music locker …

Underwater Translator May Finally Let Us Talk to Dolphins

It may not be a shiny gold inverted-V that clips to your shirt (or if you’re Ferengi, inside one of your capacious earlobes) but a new underwater translator could soon allow divers to make sense of dolphin sounds, and here’s the shocker: even speak back in crude dolphin-ese.

Science fiction often obsesses over how we’d chat with …

New Yorker Subscribers Get the iPad App Now, Too

The New Yorker‘s iPad app is one of the nicest tablet versions of any print magazine: published every Monday at the same time as its paper-and-staples equivalent, it features additional pieces of writing, photography and video, poets reading their poems aloud, and bonus cartoons, among its electronic bells and whistles. (It even includes …

Time to Put Your Robot Cat Ears On

At last! Finally someone has come up with a pair of brain-controlled furry robot cat ears for the masses.

This crazy contraption is necomimi, the first experimental prototype from a team in Japan calling themselves neurowear.

It’s not just decorative. Under those fuzzy ears are sensors that monitor your brain activity. When you …

Border Crossers Enlist SMS Texts to Evade Capture

Thanks to tightened legislation, border crossing in the Arizona desert has become more difficult (read: dangerous) than ever before. But under such consequences, the trekkers are getting more innovative in the methods by which they avoid detection–according to the New York Times, they’re using SMS texts to coordinate their darklit …

Yell Phone: Using Speech to Recharge Portable Gadgets

Engineers in South Korea are working on a system that converts sound to energy, with one potential real-world application of the technology being cell phones that recharge themselves as people speak into them.

We won’t see a fully functioning solution like this in the near future, but the team demonstrated that “a prototype of the …

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