World AIDS Day: For Awareness, Charities Turn To Social Media

Telethons no more: Non-profits around the world are working to raise AIDS awareness via social media.

Silent For A Cause:

The Digital Life Sacrifice campaign, lead by singer Alicia Keys, is raising money for the Keep A Child Alive fund, which provides support to people affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa and India. To raise finances, …

Conan Stands By His Web Audience With Online Streaming

Without his myriad of Web followers, there might not be another Conan show on air.

As word of Conan’s expulsion from his short-term gig as host of NBC’s The Tonight Show hit the Internet, fans held vigil via social media as Team Coco marched to the metaphorical courthouse steps of NBC by way of Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. The …

Two Minute Video: Quick and Easy Tricks for Using Twitter on Your Phone

This whole Twitter thing might… just… catch… on. Did you know you can handle a lot of Twitter functions simply by sending text messages?

It’s a great way to quickly update your status, send messages to other users, and pull up stats without waiting for a big graphics- and data-intensive app to load on your phone. Here’s a look …

AT&T Turns to Twitter for Tracking Spotty Service

If your AT&T phone drops a call or connects to the web more slowly than normal, complaining about it on Twitter might actually help.

AT&T researcher Jia Wang has published a paper (PDF file) outlining how her company scours Twitter for certain “mobile related words such as phone, mobile, 3G, edge, etc.” paired with certain …

Dick Costolo Replaces Evan Williams as the New Sheriff In Twitter Town

Hold your horses: Dick Costolo, Twitter’s chief operating offer, has become Twitter’s CEO.

The new CEO, Costolo, is a former Google executive and Feedburner CEO. He was brought onto the Twitter team by former Twitter CEO Evan Williams himself, who says that he thought Costolo would be a “strong compliment” to himself. “During his year …

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