Liveblog: Google’s Android Press Event

We’re coming to you live from Google’s Mountain View, CA, campus. What can we expect from today’s announcement? All signs point to the Nexus One.

Here’s what we know so far in terms of specs:

• Built by HTC
• Android 2.1
• 1GHz Snapdragon processor
• 3.7-inch AMOLED capacitive touch-screen (480×800)
• …

What We’re Looking Forward To In 2010: Gadgets

In a little over a week I’ll be in Las Vegas for CES. It’s my hope – along with every other tech journo – that the annual trade show will serve as center stage for some groundbreaking announcement by a major (or minor) CE company. It’s doubtful, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I don’t expect Palm to make as big a splash as they did …

5-Minute Android 2.1 Demo

Currently on a Virgin America flight from JFK to SEA via LAX. Flying over the Grand Canyon and I’m being told to pack it up. So here’s a 5-minute video of the Nexus One presented without comment.

Nexus One Unboxed, Caught On Camera (Again)

It comes as no surprise that pictures and videos of the Nexus One keep trickling out. But the almighty Google has since pulled said videos and images of the device have been less than spectacular. We’ve known about the QR code, but nobody had the balls to share those images with the rest of the world. No one even bothered to capture …

Is the Nexus One the Google Phone? [Update]

Spoke too soon.

The Internet is buzzing about the Google Phone this AM and it seems a picture of the device has surfaced. It’s unclear if this is the HTC Passion, but it sure looks a lot like it.

Cory O’Brien, a blogger in San Francisco, got his hands on a device that he claims to be the Google Phone last night. O’Brien had …

Google Phone In The Wild?

According to various tweets, Google may have doled out the mystical “Google Phone” yesterday in Mountain View. As of right now there haven’t been any pictures taken of the alleged HTC built device that is purportedly running Android 2.1 with an HTC Sense-like UI. As reported by TechCrunch, all “Google Phone” related tweets have …

AT&T Admits Service Stinks In San Francisco and NYC

AT&T is well aware of their subpar level of service in Manhattan and San Francisco. That much is true. They even released an app earlier this week giving users the ability to “Mark the Spot” (iTunes Link) where service has basically crapped out. The problem with the app is that if you live in either city the chances of you being able …

The Top 10 Gadgets of 2009

Lev and I picked our top 10 gadgets of the year for Time a couple weeks back and then we picked our top 10 gadgets of the year for Techland shortly thereafter. It turns out that both lists are identical. Weird, right? Or maybe you’ve already read about this

I was told that I had to make a video for this list and, well, I had no …

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  2. ...
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  4. 144
  5. 145
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