The 10 Greatest Games for the Apple II

All the old people in the house say yeah!

The Apple II is the most underrated gaming platform of the 1980’s. People — me included — talk a lot about the greatness of the Atari 2600, but I owe just as much of my gaming DNA to our Apple IIe, with its 64KB RAM — that comes standard, folks — and its revolutionary four-way cursor …

Logitech N700: It’s A Fan And Boombox For Your Crotch

I might actually buy this thing.

Logitech’s Speaker Lapdesk N700 (USB powered) has a built-in fan to keep your crotch cool (unlike mine at the moment since I’m in the middle seat in coach on a Delta flight) and embedded speakers (two 2-inch speakers) to get your nether regions jumpin’. Oh, and it has a wide padded base!

Get …

The Nexus One Cheat Sheet

All the specs you need to know about the new Google phone:

$529 for the phone without a provider/contract
$179 for the phone with T-Mobile contract
Verizon service coming in Spring 2010
Vodaphone service coming to Europe in Spring 2010

Height: 119 mm
Width: 59.8 mm
Depth: 11.5 mm
Weight: 130 grams w/ battery, …

Liveblog: Google’s Android Press Event

We’re coming to you live from Google’s Mountain View, CA, campus. What can we expect from today’s announcement? All signs point to the Nexus One.

Here’s what we know so far in terms of specs:

• Built by HTC
• Android 2.1
• 1GHz Snapdragon processor
• 3.7-inch AMOLED capacitive touch-screen (480×800)
• …

Some Other Guy is Directing Dune!

This just in from industry sources, i.e. Gilbert, the guy down the hall who reads Variety: Peter Berg isn’t directing Dune anymore. You know, the Hancock guy. He was going to direct a Dune remake. He’s not anymore.

Instead, Pierre Morel is going to direct it. He’s the Taken guy. Here’s a Taken montage:

Awesome. Liam Neeson …

Arvid Nelson: How I Got Into Comics

Most people get into comics because of a lifelong passion for the medium, and a dedication to continuing the rich heritage of some of our culture’s best beloved characters, like Superman and Spiderman.

I got into comics because I got kicked out of a band.

It’s sad but true. There I was, my final year of college, bandless, …

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