App Club: Earth Vs. Moon

Christmastime is here. It may not surprise you to know that your correspondent isn’t a great lover of the holiday season. As I write this I’m listening to MC Kreacher’s “My Wish List.” It soothes my black grinchy heart.

Casual gaming has gotten me through many a grim holiday season. Snood in particular — well do I remember hours …

5-Minute Android 2.1 Demo

Currently on a Virgin America flight from JFK to SEA via LAX. Flying over the Grand Canyon and I’m being told to pack it up. So here’s a 5-minute video of the Nexus One presented without comment.

Superman vs Ali Redux in 2010

What we all thought would never happen is going to happen. DC Comics announced today that they would be reprinting the classic tale of Superman teaming up with Mohammed Ali to take on the Scrubbs. The reprint will hit shelves in the fall of 2010 with two versions: deluxe hardcover edition and limited edition hardcover.

The first

Holy Krow They Kracked the Kindle

This via Slashdot: “hackers” have broken the DRM on the Kindle’s proprietary e-book format.

Interesting. Yay, says the anti-DRM, pro-freedom-of-information part of me. Boo, says the book-writing part of me, who fears widespread piracy will further cripple an already challenged publishing industry.

Crawl back into your anti-deluvian …

In Neytiri, Avatar Producer Sees Oscar Gold

When it comes to Avatar, there are mixed opinions. Some people dig the 3-D. Others think it’s an overused and underwhelming device. Some say the story has been sacrificed in favor of the visuals. All I can say is that I’ve never seen 3-D employed in this manner, and I was blown away by not just the scope and depth of Pandora, but in …

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