My Weekend with the iPod Hold’em App; or, In Search of Lost Time

Last week I came into possession of Apple’s Texas Hold’em app for the iPod, a rare first-party title for Apple. (Seriously, who actually works for Apple in internal game development?) I already know I have serious problems controlling my appetite for both a) gaming and b) gambling, so maybe I should have treated this new acquisition more …

Best Inventions: Disemvoweling: An Addendum

This year in Time’s Best Inventions we included (coming in at #42, as it happens) the practice of disemvoweling, which is a way of dealing with annoying commenters/posters/whateverers by removing the vowels from their posts. What we did not include was the name of the person who invented disemvoweling. That person is blogger/editor/etc. …

Origins: Jewverine

“What if I went as Wolverine?”
I already had the sideburns. My wife looked at my thick, curly facial hair, skeptically.
“Is Wolverine Jewish?” she asked.
“No, he’s Canadian.”
Why did I marry a cheerleader instead of a nerd?
“Okay, Jewish Wolverine,” I said, liking it. “Jew-verine.” Loving it.
But Rabbinical

The Best Inventions of 2008

They’re here.

I think this is the seventh year in a row that I’ve worked on this project. It’s the first year we actually ranked the inventions, 1 through 50, so now it’s … rankier. I also tried to push the selections a little bit away from an all-tech line-up this year, so we could talk about other kinds of innovation — you have …

Dead Space is Dead; Long Live Fallout 3

Man, there’s a lot of good games coming out. I ditched Dead Space to play LittleBigPlanet, then went crawling back, and now I’m ditching it again for Fallout 3. (I hate leaving a game like Dead Space unfinished, when I’ve actually become invested in the narrative, but duty calls. Plus I was really low on ammo and kinda needed an excuse …

Forbidden LittleBigPlanet: A Review

I’m almost done with Dead Space, a game that continues to present me with visions of extreme and total wrongness. But I’m taking a break to actually fire up my PS3, which I don’t do too often, and mess around with LittleBigPlanet, a trailer for which is here:

LittleBigPlanet is basically what would happen if Michel Gondry were ever …

A New Age Dawns; Also, New Half-Blood Prince Trailer

Today brings the dawning of what future blog historians will call the Second, or Silver, Age of Nerd World. We have transitioned to a new platform, WordPress, albeit ungracefully and unwillingly (apparently all the servers fell over on Friday, so they crash-upgraded, or crash-cross-graded depending on how you feel about WordPress). …


Faithful blog-readers may have noticed something odd today: the blogs kind of disappeared. Long story short, we’ve had major server problems, and as a result we’ve had to re-launch all of our blogs on WordPress. The upside is a faster, better, more stable platform. The downside is we’ll need a few days to get our archives back …

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